QFCA Leadership Development and Training


The QFCA believes in developing and training the Neighbourhood and Community Centre sector in Community Development Practice, Place Based Methodology and Human Services Delivery so that our centres may be leaders in the field.    

We are often approached about training and workshops specifically for Neighbourhood and Community Centres and recommend the following organisations:      

Community leadership is the courage, creativity and capacity to inspire participation, development and sustainability for strong communities.

- Sir Gustav Nossal

Community Praxis Co-Op

Community Praxis Co-Op provide some excellent Community Development training.  Community Praxis Co-op exists to empower people and to resource and strengthen the capacities of groups and organisations in developing peaceful, just and sustainable communities.

Coalition of Community Boards Governance Training

The Coalition of Community Boards provides some excellent governance training and mentoring for community based organisations. 

QCOSS Place Based Community of Practice

QCOSS have formed a Place Based Community of Practice.  This is a great space for Neighbourhood and Community Centre community development practitioners to share ideas, develop methodology and learn skills from others.

Community Development Queensland

Community Development (CD) Queensland is an informal network of people and organisations who have a passion for growing and sharing knowledge in the practice of community development.  They regularly run seminars and also hold biennial state conferences.  The QFCA is working closely with CD Queensland to deliver a Neighbourhood and Community Centre stream at the CD Queensland Conference in 2019. 

Volunteering Queensland Training

Neighbourhood and Community centres use large numbers of volunteers because many adopt Asset Based Community Development frameworks.  Volunteering Queensland offer training for both volunteers and those who work in volunteer recruitment, training and development.

MDA Training

Multicultural Development Australia run a variety of cross cultural training programs including workshops on Working with Refugees; Working Effectively with Diversity, as well as training that is tailored to the particular work and roles of organisations.

NAPCAN Child Protection Training

The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) provides free training opportunities around the state.  If your Neighbourhood or Community Centre runs programs for children, child safety and abuse prevention should be a high priority.  Click here for a calendar of training events.

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