Our Challenge: 

To become an effective leader of Neighbourhood and Community Centres so their value will be increased.

QFCA Strategic Plan 2019-2022

The QFCA's Strat​egic Plan over the next 3 years concentrates on increasing the value of Neighbourhood and Community Centres across the state.  The QFCA underwent a Theory of Change process in order to develop the plan with Neighbourhood Centre representatives and other key community sector personnel.

The overall vision of the QFCA is to see neighbourhoods transformed into thriving communities that are self-directed, connected and resourceful.  Being self-directed means that local communities take ownership of their own destiny and are actively involved in solving their own challenges.  A thriving community also fosters connection, where social isolation and division are transformed into social cohesion, understanding, contribution and belonging.  Finally, being resourceful recognises that all communities have assets of all kinds that can be shared with others. The more local communities are using these personal and professional assets, the more socially and economically resourceful and resilient the communities become.


Our strategic plan focuses on 4 key areas:

Strategic Framwork.PNG











You can download the full strategic plan here:

Sharing Stories: The QFCA is committed to forming key partnerships that will result in Neighbourhood and Community centres being increasingly valued across the state.  This means forming partnerships with Government, Human Services organisations, Training Institutions and Disaster Management bodies and making them aware of the great work Neighbourhood Centres are already doing in the sector and exploring new ways we can enhance this work.  We also want to tell the stories of great work being done in centres to the wider Queensland population through different media platforms.

User Driven Design: Neighbourhood and Community Centres have been involved in local place based, citizen-led community development for 40 years.  We want to continue to highlight and build on this approach to community issues through training and sharing our knowledge.

Forwarding Research: We've seen some truly innovative approaches to social issues in our Neighbourhood and Community Centres.  Instead of concentrating on "evidence-based-practice", we're taking an approach suggested by Dr Ingrid Burkett called "practice-based-evidence".  This approach explores what works and what doesn't in localities.  We believe that as our practice is presented as evidence it will attract more investment into the work of the sector.

Developing Leaders:  The leaders of Neighbourhood Centres are highly skilled individuals and we believe in encouraging and developing these leaders to further lead their communities into transformation.  Place based strategies also need local leadership to coordinate, collaborate and advance the work of all involved.  We want to encourage community and organisational leadership and believe our 8 regional QFCA networks are ideal places to share best practice in Neighbourhood Centres.