*In an average month, how many different community groups:


Use a room in the House/Centre

Are supported by the House/Centre

Are auspiced by the House/Centre

‘Use of a room’ counts regardless of whether the room is hired or provided for free as long as it is a community group.

‘Support’ for an external group can include providing secretarial or admin services, publicising events, and taking bookings etc., as well as less formal support such as encouragement and advice.

External groups formally auspiced by the House/Centre include groups for which the House/centre manages the finances.

If a group uses a room and you provide other support include them at both questions.

If no external groups use or are supported by the House/Centre, please enter 0 (zero) in each box.

*In an average month how many organisations you work with in partnership on a regular basis?

Please include all partnerships, whether funded or unfunded, formal and/or informal.

Partners may include local government, health service, school, local business, other community organisations, etc. The partnership may be funded and governed by a written agreement: e.g. between the House/Centre and local government to deliver social inclusion activities. Or the partnership may be an unfunded collaboration based on a shared vision: e.g. the House/Centre works with the local school to identify young people who could benefit from homework clubs. This question is compulsory so if the House/Centre is not involved in any regular partnerships, please enter 0 (zero) in the box.

Do not include funding bodies as partners where they have no active involvement in the partnership other than the provision of funding e.g. ACFE.

Do not include groups that are participants in an activity owned and managed by the Neighbourhood House e.g. the community garden group where the group does not or did not exist outside of that activity.

*In 2019, how many of the following has your House/Centre undertaken:

Projects managed by the House/Centre

Funding applications made by the House/Centre

Projects managed by others that the House/Centre participated in

Count all projects – funded or otherwise – managed by the House/Centre. This includes projects run in partnership with other organisations where the House/Centre is the lead agency.

Count all funding applications – successful or otherwise – made by the House/Centre.

Count all projects managed by others that the House/Centre participated in. This includes projects run in partnership where another organisation is the lead agency or where the House/Centre provides support e.g. by participating in the project delivery or by being part of a project reference group.