Parliamentary Inquiry Into Loneliness and Social Isolation

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A key feature of Parliamentary Inquiries is the opportunity to lodge written submissions to the committee. QFCA is supporting the sector and other key stakeholders to lodge submissions recommending that Neighbourhood Centres be a key focus of strategic outcomes.  All written submissions must be lodged by 5:00pm, Wednesday 18 August 2021.

The Queensland Government has announced a Parliamentary Inquiry into Loneliness and Social Isolation. The Inquiry is being conducted by the Community Support and Services Committee. It presents an enormous opportunity to highlight the prominent role Queensland Neighbourhood and Community Centres play in addressing loneliness and social isolation across the state.

Inquiry Resources

QFCA have the following resources available for Neighbourhood Centres that are interested in lodging a submission to the Inquiry. QFCA are also providing a number of workshops for centres plus opportunities for the sector to have their input into the QFCA's submission on behalf of Queensland's Neighbourhood Centre Sector.

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Neighbourhood Centre Submissions

Share your submission with QFCA!  Sharing your submission can assist other Neighbourhood Centres with drafting a submission and also be used to promote the work of Neighbourhood Centres in reducing loneliness and social isolation.  We can also proof read and offer any suggestions to your paper.  Just send it through it  Check out the ones below:

St David's Neighbourhood Centre

Online Workshops

8th July 10:30am      Workshop 1: Parliamentary Inquiry - Overview, resources and discussion  Link:

20th July 12:00pm    Workshop 2: Have your say - QFCA's Parliamentary Submission  Link:

29th July 12:00pm    Workshop 3: Parliamentary Submission Writing Party Link: 

Additional Resources

Parliamentary Inquiry into Social Isolation Page

Queensland Parliament: Making a Submission Fact Sheet

QFCA Annual Survey Report 2020 

What data to include in our NCC submission

Survey Data - Neighbourhood Centre Programs by Target Groups

Loneliness and Social Isolation - A Neighbourhood House Perspective: Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, 2020

Connecting a Diverse Victoria Report: Neighbourhood Houses Victoria, 2019

Ending Loneliness Together White Paper:  Ending Loneliness Together Network, 2020

Infrastructure for Social Connection: Researching the Existing Assets for creating social connectedness and identifying interventionsSocial Innovation Research Institute (SUT), 2021

Advice or Feedback on your Neighbourhood Centre submission can be given by QFCA at or 0428 130 141