Our Mission: 

To lead and support Neighbourhood and Community centres to impact Queensland places through citizen led community transformation.


                       Our Story


Neighbourhood and Community Centres are the citizen led vehicle for transforming places into better futures.

We believe in putting local communities behind the steering wheel.


The QFCA was formed from the links between Neighbourhood and Community Centres who have been growing throughout Queensland for four decades. We encourage, inform and lead these local community based organisations to act collectively from the urban cities on our coast to the dust of the outback. With those who are new to our shores to our First Peoples who have always known the significance of country, place and tribe.


We believe the community plays the most important role in solving community challenges. Too often the voices of local people have been neglected in the human services sector. But we believe that working with community means that organisations and their programs have a user driven design that puts people first. We believe in the power of local knowledge and in the significance of `place’. We believe in universal access, flexible responses and that a `one-size-fits all’ approach doesn’t fit everyone.

The QFCA believes in the power of big and small things. We support our centres to help people prepare for and respond to natural disasters and personal crisis. But we also believe in the power of a cup of tea and activities that build social connection. We believe better relationships are the key to addressing social problems and the key to building a strong community sector. We encourage relationships that deliver deep insight about the work of Neighbourhood Centres so that their value is clear to all.

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We give Neighbourhood and Community centres the tools and knowledge they need to become anchors in their community and encourage local leadership.  We believe in the power of collaboration while commissioning research to develop a strong evidence base. We foster innovation by unleashing the dreams of localities and seek greater investment into their work.