Phase 1: Neighbourhood Centre Monsoon Trough Survey

Managers/Coordinators of Neighbourhood and Community Centres across Far West, Far North, North and Central Regions will be encouraged to participate in the development of a Queensland Monsoon Trough Response Strategy by completing this survey.

This survey is important, as findings will guide further development of the Strategy through workshops, with each of the four regions.

The development of the Queensland Monsoon Trough Response Strategy for Neighbourhood and Community Centres is an initiative of the Queensland Families and Communities Association (QFCA) to support organisational capacity building of Neighbourhood Centres affected by the monsoonal trough. This project is funded by Australian and Queensland Governments through a flexible funding grant and is due to be completed and launched in September 2020.

The purpose of this survey is to explore and highlight the key roles Neighbourhood and Community Centres play in monsoon response to demonstrate their unique functions and approaches in communities.


Phase 2: Monsoon Response Development Workshops


Phase 3: Strategy Publishing, Launch and Implementation: September 2020

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