Phase 1: Neighbourhood Centre Monsoon Discussions

Representatives of Neighbourhood and Community Centres across Far North and North regions of Queensland participated in the development of a Queensland Neighbourhood Centres Strategy for Monsoon Resilience.

The development of this Strategy with Neighbourhood and Community Centres is an initiative of the Queensland Families and Communities Association (QFCA) to support organisational capacity building of Neighbourhood Centres affected by the monsoonal troughs. This project is funded by Australian and Queensland Governments through a flexible funding grant and was launched in December 2020.

Phase 2: Monsoon Resilience Survey 

A survey was undertaken with Neighbourhood Centres and Stakeholders. The purpose of this survey is to explore and highlight the key roles Neighbourhood and Community Centres play in monsoon resilience to demonstrate their unique functions and approaches in communities.                     

Phase 3: Strategy Publishing and E-Launch: December 2020

Phase 4: Dec 2020 - July 2021 Implementation of the Monsoon Resilience Strategy

Neighbourhood Centres identified priority areas to develop, which formed into an action plan

to implement the Monsoon Resilience Strategy.

See the core achievements of this Strategy Implementation project (click the image).

See the Grants Guide targeted to Neighbourhood Centres in Qld seeking funds towards 

disaster resilience.

Click the image below to see a sample of work done

in the VIDEO by The Hub in Mackay.


The development and first implementation phase of the

 Qld Neighbourhood Centres Strategy for Monsoon Resilience

 was jointly funded under the Commonwealth/State Disaster

 Recovery Funding Arrangements.

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