QFCA Membership

The QFCA is a body that supports and leads local Neighbourhood and Community Centres throughout Queensland.   The sector's strong tradition of local citizen-led place based community development is central to the organisation and we invite potential members to join with us in this tradition. Our principles are also consistent with the national peak body of Neighbourhood Centres - the Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA) whose principles can be found here.   

Membership is also open to any organisation that provides services which align with the objects of the constitution of the Association, and the principles inferred therein.

These principles include;​

  • Integrity and good conduct

  • ​Fair Employment Practices

  • ​Financial Accountability

Our constitution stipulates that prospective members need a proposer and a seconder.

If you're a neighbourhood or community centre in Queensland and are interested in membership please contact the Executive Officer Geoff Roberson on 0439 600 136 or at eo@qfca.org.au

ANHCA DGR Information

Membership of the QFCA assists Neighbourhood and Community organisations to access to DGR services through the national peak body of Neighbourhood Centres - the Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association (ANHCA).  Check out the ANHCA website for more details.

Community Development Queensland

The QFCA recognises the long history Neighbourhood Centres have with Community Development practice and is proudly associated with Community Development Queensland. 

Coalition of Community Boards

The QFCA is proud to work in partnership with the Coalition of Community Boards which works to strengthen and network boards of local community organisations.  You can read more about the Coalition of Community Boards here:


The QFCA works in close partnership with QCOSS to jointly develop the Neighbourhood and Community Centre sector.

Community Services Industry Alliance

The QFCA appreciates the support it has received from the CSIA in developing the organisation and identifying ways it can enhance the Neighbourhood and Community Centre sector.

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