QFCA Research Subcommittee

Research played a vital role in early "Settlement Houses" from their beginnings in the 1880's.  As Neighbourhood Centres have evolved to suit modern environments, research continues to play an important role in not only demonstrating the value of Neighbourhood Centre work but highlighting issues of concern for local communities.

The QFCA is establishing a research subcommittee to develop a research agenda for Neighbourhood and Community Centres in Queensland.  As we form relationships with tertiary institutions we will delve deeper into academic research of our areas of practice in Emergency Relief/Food Support, Disaster Response, Community Development Practice, Place Based Approaches, Community Data and Evaluation. You can view a copy of our research discussion paper here.

In the meantime, here is some research we have found to be pertinent to Neighbourhood Centres.  Other Neighbourhood House state and national peak bodies have also produced a number of reports for consideration on their respective websites.

Neighbourhood Centres/Houses

Deloitte Access Economics - Morwell House Social Impact Analysis 

Deloitte Access Economics - The Social Impact of Gippsland's Neighbourhood Houses

Gibson-Pope (2017), The Role of Neighbourhood Centres in Supporting New Arrivals to Integrate Into Life in South Australia, PhD Thesis, Flinders University. 

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Community Development

Locality: Powerful Communities, Strong Economies. Keep it local for local resilience

NEF Consulting: Catalyst for Action & Investment: A social return on investment analysis of community development work based on a common outcomes framework

Disaster Response

Resilience Through Disasters: NSW Neighbourhood Centres 

Monash University: Compendium of Victorian Community-Based Resilience Building Case Studies

School of Government: A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Disaster Recovery Programs