Member and community feedback is an integral and important part of improving and maintaining quality services. The Queensland Families and Communities Association is committed to listening to people using our service. We take on feedback, both positive and negative, as a source of ideas for improving our services and other activities. Specifically, we will:

  • Foster a service culture that encourages open and honest communication

  •  inform members about the standard of service they can expect

  • develop and promote our member charter

  • encourage feedback and make it easy for people to provide feedback

  •  offer anonymity to people providing feedback

  • record and compile information arising from feedback and using it to improve


We want our members to feel able to voice their dissatisfaction with any aspect of our service, and to be confident that our organisation will manage their complaints well and respond quickly and appropriately. All members are informed of their rights and responsibilities and our policy regarding complaints by members at the earliest possible stage of their involvement with our service.

A copy of our complaints policy can be viewed here.

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