Disaster Resilience

Queensland is a state affected by many natural disasters including cyclones, flooding, drought, severe storms, heatwaves and fires.  Research indicates the more cohesive and connected communities are, the more resilient they are to natural disasters.

"How a community copes with a disaster is already in place in the community before the disaster occurs" - Rev. Tim Costello AO

Neighbourhood and Community Centres are playing an increasing role in Local Disaster Management Groups.  Their social cohesion activities strengthen communities to prepare for and respond to disasters.  Neighbourhood and Community Centres also directly respond during natural disasters by providing emergency relief, coordinating evacuation, providing reliable information and opening centres to other services for emergency grant applications.  Additionally, our centres are frequently involved in community recovery giving access to no interest loans, school items, low cost food and community rebuilding activities.  

The QFCA provides a network of support throughout the state for centres responding to natural disasters. Additionally we are supporting the sector's involvement in local disaster management strategies.         


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