Annual Neighbourhood Centre Survey

As of 2020, the QFCA will conduct a survey of all neighbourhood centres across the state.

The data collected is used for reporting and research.  It also assists with strategic planning and advocacy for the work of Neighbourhood Centres.


The survey has been developed with the support of Neighbourhood Houses Victoria (NHVic), however the QFCA survey has been adjusted to suit the Queensland context.  You can view the NHVic Survey results here. 




Can I get back into the survey once I have started completing it?

Yes. As soon as you log in to the survey click on the ‘click here for a link to get back into this survey at any time’ bar located at the top of the page. Surveygizmo will ask you for an email address and then send you a special link. Your data will be saved but you must use that new link to re-enter at anytime from any computer.

I entered an email address in the ‘click here for a link to get back into this survey at anytime’ bar but I did not get the link?

Check your junk mail. The email is sent from Surveygizmo. If you still can not find it, email


Can I get back into the survey once I have submitted it?

If you have made an error and need to correct you will need to contact us to send you a special link to get back in to correct it. You will not need to start again.

Can I just fill in the PDF version of the survey?

No, you must complete the online survey. The PDF is only provided to enable you to gather and record the information required prior to going online to complete the survey. It does not include all of the administrative questions which must be viewed and confirmed online.

Can I print my answers to the survey?

Yes you can. You can download a PDF of your responses before you submit the survey. SurveyGizmo will also send you a copy of your responses via email to the address you included on the first page of the survey when you submit the survey. You can then print the email.

I can’t find the email with my survey responses?

Check your junk mail. The email is sent from Surveygizmo.

Where does my data go once I have submitted it?

NHVic collects the data and sends it to the QFCA to manage. Unidentified, aggregated data may be made available to stakeholders such as DCDSS, ANCHA and Academic Bodies to advance the Neighbourhood Centre sector.

Why is the survey so long?

While it takes some time to complete the survey, it is only done once per year. Because of the sector’s amazing outcomes and diversity, we need to ask a lot of questions to capture it.

Why do the survey questions ask about so many different time frames?

Because Neighbourhood Centres are different and the way activities happen varies. For example, many activities happen weekly, Committees usually meet monthly but many events happen annually and DSDSS reports are quarterly.