Notice of Annual General Meeting 2019-20

Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of the Queensland Families and Communities Association for 2019 - 2020 will be held on will be held on:

When: Monday 15 February 2021

Time:12.15pm – 1.30pm

Includes 15 minutes pre-meeting networking and 30 minutes post-meeting discussion on the neighbourhood centre sector in Queensland, Australia and globally.

Guest Speakers: Nicole Battle (Australian Neighbourhood Houses and Centres Association) and Can Yasmut, (IFS Conference Convenor, International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centers).


Venue: Online via Zoom:

Returning Officer: Geoff Roberson, Executive Officer, QFCA,

Appointment of Member Representative for voting purposes:  


  • The QFCA constitution requires that members may only have one voting representative.           


  • As part of our risk management strategy for our first-ever all online AGM, we shall be conducting VOTING for Committee members AHEAD of the AGM if required (more nominations than vacancies). This will reduce the risk posed by technology failure at your end or ours, and therefore ensure YOUR VOTE can be cast.


  • Completing the Member representative form means that your vote will be recorded.


Please complete, sign and return the Form to Nominate Member Representative in this package, to be received by 4.00pm Thursday 21 January 2021